Monday, April 02, 2007

In lighter news...

so far today has been a little intense.
first of all, i woke up around 5:30am. luckily there was time to take a nap before class.
the 1st thing i see upon arrival to class was a memorial/display with stats on victims of domestic abuse fatalities. I have a big bleeding heart. so, things like this always put me in a mood akin to out-of-sorts, with tinges of grief. In other words i become somewhat preoccupied with grief.
then, as i was on my way to class, i ran into a friend and she told me about a fatal >shooting that happened only an hour before i had stepped foot on campus. two people are dead. at this point it is believed to be a murder suicide. however, this is pending a full investigation of the crime scene.
How awful right? what exactly makes people so crazy. i don't think i can ever fully comprehend and part of me is relieved. it seems like quite a burden to bear.
anyway. flags, if you've got them, fly them at half mast. and if not, just thank your stars no one has taken a shot at you today.