Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Caller information withheld. ...

Anyone who is formally acquainted with me knows that I do not answer the phone unless I recognize the number calling. This rule especially applies to calls that read as caller unknown or withheld. Last night I got a call from a withheld party. The loud and nagging voice in my head said: "DON'T ANSWER!!!" The complication of this scenario is that last night I had a dream that my brother was involved in a "knife fight." So the insane voice in my head really believed it could be my mother calling to tell me that my brother was rolling dice in an alley and, after being accused of cheating, it erupted into a full-blown, west side story knife fight. Afterall, my mother does have an unlisted number. I know how ridiculous this all sounds, but in the few seconds that it took for me to answer the call this is the conversation that played in my head. Anyway, the insane voice won this internal argument and I answered the phone.
There was a male on the other line who said "hey sexy." i didn't recognize the voice either, so i got paranoid and immediately asked who it was. In disbelief this person asked if I actually had multiple people that referred to me as "sexy." Naturally my reply was "of course. now tell me who this is." he said it was more fun this way. my response was that it was more fun for me if i know "with whom i am speaking." He then proceeded to say unnecessarily obscene things

Needles to say, I don't participate in such conversations. So, I just hung up.
I don't mean to make myself into a victim without reason. However, it is instances like that, though brief, that are quite violating and have the potential to be disempowering.
Moral is, I will never answer a call again if i don't see a name pop up in my caller ID. So, if I don't answer your call it is because I don't have your number in my phone. so, leave a message and i'll call you back and add your number. This way I will answer your phone calls in the future.
thank you for your co-operation

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Who are the 2 most handsome men in Seattle?

These Guys. ...
maass_texodus 015

The boys of Manchester have a show coming up! It's at the Q Cafe on Friday, Jan. 26th @ 8pm.

I pity the fool who doesn't go to this show!
Who wants to be my date?


locker rooms, sandwiches and recording devices

Though I attempted to procrastinate out of any obligation I had today, I actually made it to the gym. I wish I could figure out a way to lose weight without sacrificing my favorite meals and having to get sweaty. However, that is not really possible so I put my big bottom on a stationary bike and read about the lives of mexicano and mexican american migrant workers. then, i did a light leg workout and faced my least favorite part of the gym experience--the women's locker room.

I know I have ranted about this before, BUT i always have more to say about this especially loathesome place. I will never really understand why exactly that place is so naked, but I'm just a prude. I understand a little when it's hot. Sweaty workout, sweaty locker room--no clothes. but why when it's cold? and women seem to put the bra and top one and do everything else they need to do before they put undies and pants on. i really don't understand that. and if anyone does, please don't explain it to me. i like my ignorance on this one. Then what baffles me to know end is why these panty-less women think it's ok to sit their bare bottoms on the bench?!?! I know these people aren't putting their bare bottoms on toilet seats. so, why are they putting them down next to my water bottle where i am trying to tie my shoes? are they trying to tell me they want my mouth and/or foot on their bottom? cuz, neither my mouth or foot want that. I gritted my teeth and screamed on the inside while I laced and tied quickly and bolted. As I was making my escape, I rounded the corner and saw one of my professors. I thanked my lucky stars that I saw my FULLY CLOTHED professor. I would have totally had to drop the class if I had seen her nipples. I can't focus with that sort of intimate knowledge of a person. I dodged a bullet there.
After that I marched my sweaty tookus to the Ave, got a Vietnamese sandwhich from Thanh Vi mmmm... best sandwich ever. THEN, I got the coolest toy! YES! That's right--a digital voice recorder! super excited to start playing with this, recording random stuff and boring lectures!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

d-d-dance and go crazy

This Saturday was the most fun I've had in quite awhile.
However, it did not start out so fun. I walked up to the bus stop, not the bar, but the actual bus stop. Which, I might add, is up an atrocious hill that is especially nasty when it is covered in slippery ice. I waited for the bus for what seemed like an eternity. In all honesty, I beleive I waited all of 5 minutes. The snow and ice as of late apparently make 5 minutes seem like an eternity. I was happy that I caught a 44 that becomes a 43. yay me! Unfortunately, I lost a glove on the bus. I feel a little bad since I borrowed the pair of gloves from the Hilltop Yarn lost and found. I don't normally dip into the box, but my hands were derned cold that day!
Anyway, I digress. I got off the bus full of hunger. I marched over to Hot Mama'a Pizza and got the most disgusting slice of pizza I have ever eaten there. Incidentally, it was still pretty decent. Then, I hopped over to the The Bus Stop to meet up with Jeffy Cakes. We had a couple drinks to kill some time and some liver cells. We then proceeded to the LoFi for some good old-fashioned soul dancing.
It was such a blast. I was high intensity booty shaking for about two solid hours. I was like Tina Turner at the climax of Proud Mary for those hours. I danced my ass off! Though, not literally--unfortunately.
The night ended with me and my lover reuniting over nachos and a long anticipated cab ride home. The next day I was sore all over and it was so worth it!

A BIG thank you to Jeffy Cakes for taking me out on the evening that will go down as one of my funnest nights ever! and to anyone who says they don't want to go dance with The Shanny Pants, I say think again, my friend. For a blast and a half is to be had whenever and wherever I step onto the dance floor.

Monday, January 08, 2007

holy knit!

So, I am normally the lamest knitter on the planet. I blame it on my fear of commitment. It really may lie in my inability to sit for extended periods without falling asleep, selective narcolepsy. This has made a career in office jobs not an option. boo hoo.
anyway, when I woke up sunday morning, this is what my sweater vest looked like. ...
shanny_knita 154
By the time i began my getting ready for bed ritual, this is what it looked like. ...
shanny_knita 153
Go me!
This is the Julia vest from the Nashua Study book. I, however, am using the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran instead of Nashua Julia. It is much softer and I am head over heels over the new colors that came out this fall. I have never worked with the yarn before and i must say it is like butter. My stitches are looking so beautiful and I'm attributing that mostly to the yarn itself than to my claws.
also for the record, my knitting claws are killing me. unfortunately, I may not be able to pick this gem up again until next weekend. sometimes school just ruins my life. At any rate, I'm hoping to have my vest done by the end of next weekend. or at least close enough to being finished that i can round up in my conversations.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

knitacular fingerless gloves

az peeps 055
Originally uploaded by shann_garcia.
So I started these shortly after my arrival in AZ. And in two short, non-commital days of knitting these bad boys were done.
This is the fingerless gloves pattern by Blue Sky Alpacas. They were knit in the alpaca royal. They are super soft and uber warm. I am the world's slowest knitter and these went up in a flash. Also, the pattern itself is very forgiving. I made a couple errors. While I know about where they are it even takes me a minute or two to find them when i am trying.
Come into Hilltop Yarn to see them for yourself. I'm sure I'll be wearing them every chance I get since I love them so.
see you soon!!