Wednesday, January 17, 2007

locker rooms, sandwiches and recording devices

Though I attempted to procrastinate out of any obligation I had today, I actually made it to the gym. I wish I could figure out a way to lose weight without sacrificing my favorite meals and having to get sweaty. However, that is not really possible so I put my big bottom on a stationary bike and read about the lives of mexicano and mexican american migrant workers. then, i did a light leg workout and faced my least favorite part of the gym experience--the women's locker room.

I know I have ranted about this before, BUT i always have more to say about this especially loathesome place. I will never really understand why exactly that place is so naked, but I'm just a prude. I understand a little when it's hot. Sweaty workout, sweaty locker room--no clothes. but why when it's cold? and women seem to put the bra and top one and do everything else they need to do before they put undies and pants on. i really don't understand that. and if anyone does, please don't explain it to me. i like my ignorance on this one. Then what baffles me to know end is why these panty-less women think it's ok to sit their bare bottoms on the bench?!?! I know these people aren't putting their bare bottoms on toilet seats. so, why are they putting them down next to my water bottle where i am trying to tie my shoes? are they trying to tell me they want my mouth and/or foot on their bottom? cuz, neither my mouth or foot want that. I gritted my teeth and screamed on the inside while I laced and tied quickly and bolted. As I was making my escape, I rounded the corner and saw one of my professors. I thanked my lucky stars that I saw my FULLY CLOTHED professor. I would have totally had to drop the class if I had seen her nipples. I can't focus with that sort of intimate knowledge of a person. I dodged a bullet there.
After that I marched my sweaty tookus to the Ave, got a Vietnamese sandwhich from Thanh Vi mmmm... best sandwich ever. THEN, I got the coolest toy! YES! That's right--a digital voice recorder! super excited to start playing with this, recording random stuff and boring lectures!