Monday, January 08, 2007

holy knit!

So, I am normally the lamest knitter on the planet. I blame it on my fear of commitment. It really may lie in my inability to sit for extended periods without falling asleep, selective narcolepsy. This has made a career in office jobs not an option. boo hoo.
anyway, when I woke up sunday morning, this is what my sweater vest looked like. ...
shanny_knita 154
By the time i began my getting ready for bed ritual, this is what it looked like. ...
shanny_knita 153
Go me!
This is the Julia vest from the Nashua Study book. I, however, am using the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran instead of Nashua Julia. It is much softer and I am head over heels over the new colors that came out this fall. I have never worked with the yarn before and i must say it is like butter. My stitches are looking so beautiful and I'm attributing that mostly to the yarn itself than to my claws.
also for the record, my knitting claws are killing me. unfortunately, I may not be able to pick this gem up again until next weekend. sometimes school just ruins my life. At any rate, I'm hoping to have my vest done by the end of next weekend. or at least close enough to being finished that i can round up in my conversations.