Friday, November 17, 2006

The Evolution of my ID photos

I've been thinking about the quality of my ID photos, especially since I had to spend a good hour of my day at the DMV. I will blame this for an error I made in my clapotis.
At 16 I had a great photo. I was courtney love'd out and full of life. I had a big smile, because it was my big day. a right of passage.
At 21, I replaced my ID. I was no longer a blonde and I figured if the AZ facist doormen were going to let me imbibe, I should resemble my ID. Also, my face had began to rub off--a notorious problem for AZ IDs of the time. At this time I was the epitome of VGI, librarian chic. I still had a big smile, because I had reached yet another milestone. However, the AZ DMV are big ass faces. they made me look purple. It looked as though I had been holding my breath all day. They ruined what was otherwise a good picture.
I move to Seattle in 2002 and need to establish residency, so I needed a state ID STAT! I was still librarian chic and cute as the dickens. However there was an unexplainable shadow in the picture and it looks like I have a mustache. I was glad to get rid of that one.
2004 I got a car and needed an actual operator's license. I did not realize that the stone-aged DOL facilities did not take plastic. I had to run to the ATM across the street more times than I care to think about. In my photo I looked sweaty and windblown. not to mention the cyborg-esque reflection off my glasses. needless to say, I was happy when i lost this ID.
the new license I got was fine, except that i was dressed inappropriately. I was clad in a boat-neck shirt. So yah. in the ID photo i look naked.
The other night, while attempting to fill my wine addiction, I realized that the naked ID was not in my wallet. I came home and looked through purses, pants and jackets. I could not find it. The next day I went to the DOL. In the new photo I resemble a q-tip with crooked glasses. ANNOYING!!
anyway, long story short, guess what I found today? NAKED ID!!! in my head, i screamed every explicative in every language i have ever learned.
stupid driver license.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Breast cancer benefit

This is a show to help support a local woman recovering from breast cancer. She works for Fare Start and gives to the community everyday. This is a night when the community has the opportunity to give back to her.
Performers include Herman Jolly of Sunset Valley and the boys we all know and lust Royvelt and Brent Amaker and the Rodeo. I guarantee a good time. Hope to see you all there. For more information go to

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

yay! voting

in the last 24 hours we have seen democracy in action.
the moral party has fallen on bad graces. it's funny i thought it was the democrats that were scandalous heathens. hmmm... apparently both parties fall victim to the scandals inherent to politics. who knew?
triumphs include:
control of the house
at least a 50/50 split of senate
ding dong the wicked rumsfeld is dead, well his career anyway.
and our nations 1st female house speaker--EVER!!! (incidentally this makes Pelosi 3rd in line to the presidency. all we need to do is impeach bush for taking us to war under false pretense, let Harry Whittington have a vengence round to the face of cheney, and ta da--1st female president to US!!)
now do we see why voting is so important?
for more information go to
your crazy latina correspondent

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Vote or Die!!

Maybe a little extreme, but it is time once again to exercise one of our most important civil duties--to come together as an electorate and vote. Please notice I did not say this was a right or a privilege. Yes, I indeed meant duty. If every person that could vote actually did, we would have a very different looking nation.
For those of you who say: "why vote? It makes no difference?" That is because most of the other people who do not vote share your political views. During the 2004 election, it was projected that 50% of all eligible voters were registered to do so. Of that 50% registered, only about 50% of those folks voted (information I obtained through Washington Citizen's Action). So, tell me why again voting results are so skewed?
Get out and do your job as a citizen. If you don't like your options--write in a candidate. VOTE FOR ME!! Don't just sit around with your hand(s) down your pants! TAKE AN ACTIVE ROLE IN THE DECISION MAKING IN YOUR COUNTRY!! Until you do, we can look forward to many more undesirables running the crucial interactions of our daily lives.
I don't think you want that, do you?

Monday, November 06, 2006

midterm midtacular

today was my last midterm. it was for women200 intro to women's studies. I must admit that I did not study a lick for it, save flipping through my reader to make sure the names would register with the articles come test time. And to that, i devoted all but five minutes of my time, while walking in the rain to class.
test is over and it was a cinch. i do not think i have ever taken an easier test. Nice thing about that is I know that what I am doing in this class is sufficient.
My last midterm, women310 women and law, i studied very hard. however, it was revealed that i need to pay closer attention to certain facts pertaining to cases. but no amount of extra studying would account for this since I would have repeatedly neglected to go over the occupations of the litigating women we discussed.
anyway, that's that for now. The only thing I have to worry about are 3 research papers with piggy backing due dates.
and the yikes begin all over again!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

did gloria steinem lie?

blinded me with science grew a pair and officially broke up with me on friday.
i am not terribly broken up about it. ultimately, it wasn't going to work out. i am a feminist and he is intimidated by a strong woman.
i think i knew better than to mix with someone younger than me.
i also think i have too much faith in people. i digress.
friday night i drank my weight in free booze. working the merch table at a packed show apparently has it's perks. crazy people infiltrated our sensitive, sweater vest fest and made musicians with valuable hands get violent. the booze made me think that i was physically capable of contributing to a fight situation. i learned the error of my ways and ran inside and hid.
that night i stayed up drinking until 6am and stayed at el casa de el jeffe.
Saturday night after knitting, i went to the bus stop and drank more and stayed at el casa de el jeffe.
this afternoon, i raced home, quickly changed, and raced downtown to see Borat with el jeffe and dj gay ipod.
i didn't really want to come home. but i did and ended up sleeping the day away.
i try not to be too telling usually, but sunday is the day that i look forward to staying at home, seeing no one, and being super productive. it is not my day to avoid being at home, do absolutely nothing and wish that the phone would ring for god's sake!
so, while i am not upset about not being with blinded me with science, i am apparently upset about the situation.
this has been my stand since the cursed movie garden state came out--natalie portman's character doesn't get the zack braff character. she scares the hell out of him. she sends him shreiking to therapy and away from commitment. she alienates those around her and invites personal criticism by those she most admires. she does not fit with the cool crowd and she freaks out the sensitives.
she drinks too much, lies, and experiences frequent emotional collapse. she is not charming, pined after, or anyone's muse.
i wonder if the feminists told her about this when they sold her the package.