Friday, November 17, 2006

The Evolution of my ID photos

I've been thinking about the quality of my ID photos, especially since I had to spend a good hour of my day at the DMV. I will blame this for an error I made in my clapotis.
At 16 I had a great photo. I was courtney love'd out and full of life. I had a big smile, because it was my big day. a right of passage.
At 21, I replaced my ID. I was no longer a blonde and I figured if the AZ facist doormen were going to let me imbibe, I should resemble my ID. Also, my face had began to rub off--a notorious problem for AZ IDs of the time. At this time I was the epitome of VGI, librarian chic. I still had a big smile, because I had reached yet another milestone. However, the AZ DMV are big ass faces. they made me look purple. It looked as though I had been holding my breath all day. They ruined what was otherwise a good picture.
I move to Seattle in 2002 and need to establish residency, so I needed a state ID STAT! I was still librarian chic and cute as the dickens. However there was an unexplainable shadow in the picture and it looks like I have a mustache. I was glad to get rid of that one.
2004 I got a car and needed an actual operator's license. I did not realize that the stone-aged DOL facilities did not take plastic. I had to run to the ATM across the street more times than I care to think about. In my photo I looked sweaty and windblown. not to mention the cyborg-esque reflection off my glasses. needless to say, I was happy when i lost this ID.
the new license I got was fine, except that i was dressed inappropriately. I was clad in a boat-neck shirt. So yah. in the ID photo i look naked.
The other night, while attempting to fill my wine addiction, I realized that the naked ID was not in my wallet. I came home and looked through purses, pants and jackets. I could not find it. The next day I went to the DOL. In the new photo I resemble a q-tip with crooked glasses. ANNOYING!!
anyway, long story short, guess what I found today? NAKED ID!!! in my head, i screamed every explicative in every language i have ever learned.
stupid driver license.