Thursday, September 27, 2007

is the pessary half full or half empty?

i have a decision to make here. i have been on birth control since 1998. The reason was because i had flow issues. once a month i felt like the nile river at it's peak abundance and had killer cramps to boot. The option posed to me was the pill. I have been on various forms of hormonal contraception ever since. I switched pills a couple times. there was a brief stint where i had to space my periods, because i felt like a crazy person during menarche. then, moved onto the patch. i moved off after the big scare. i can be a chicken when my life depends on it. currently, i use the NuvaRing. I like it a lot. it is quite convenient to only have to think about birth control once a month. i was quite remiss about taking the pill. anyway, i've been starting to feel biologically cheated by my no-baby insurance. as a "non-cycling" woman, i don't get to experience the full range of monthly emotions. most of my life, post puberty, i have actively avoided mood swings and cramps. but what if i am a crazy woman? shouldn't i get to experience that without needing to be fixed? and cramps can be dealt with without ceasing the cycle. it is for this reason that i am considering IUD, but not just any IUD--paraguard! this is a non-hormonal, copper IUD. it is over 99% percent effective at preventing pregnancy, but would allow me to cycle regularly--maybe heavily and painfully. there are minor risks of uterine perforation, pelvic imflammatory disorder, and ectopic pregnancy. however, these risks are very low.
anyway, i wanted to see if my peeps had an opinion or knew someone whom had tried IUD.
i'm listening...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

how drunk is too drunk?

this question would have been answered if you had seen me last night...
I was at SuKat's for girl's night in. which translated to drinking wine, eating cheese and gossiping about everything under the sun. i don't think i could count for you how many glasses of wine i had, but i had a couple too many. maybe my friends can recount this. after already being drunk i decided it was a good idea to go to the twilight exit for one more. on my way to the car i stepped in a hole in the grass and fell on my face. the made a big ouchie on my right shin. somewhere between girl's night in and the bar, i poked my eyelid. this also created a nice ouchie as well. at the bar i harrassed people and was just generally inappropriate for public consumption. i really hope i see myself in The Stranger's--Drunk of the Week, because i was in rare form and it was truly righteous!
when i got home, i brushed my teeth because my mouth tasted like fermented grape assholes. while brushing, i managed to gag myself and throw up in the sick. if you ever wondered, this WILL cause a clog. I also broke my soap dish and my ceramic virgin mary vase. i was able to glue mary back together. however, i think she is no longer full of grace as much as she is full of cracks. and the soap dish died on the table. which is a shame, because i really liked my soap dish. the topper is that my phone is currently located in a friend's Volkswagen Gulf.
so if you take nothing else away from my blog, take away this: one valuable lesson to learn, and better if it's not the hard way, don't let your drinking get away from you while you are in the middle of terribly missing your lover. it can only lead to hangovers and shame.

Friday, September 14, 2007


so i'm just sitting here eating left over thai and checking my emails, when my nostrils feel something tugging on them...

imagine the cutest kitty and translate that to stink. my nostrils burn!
being a crazy cat lady is almost as glamorous as being a parent!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

the solitude of the traveling blouse

This little blouse had quite the day yesterday. She awoke to being stuffed into a bag. Then ripped out and put back in repeatedly, as her careless owner searched for countless items necessary for the daily function of life. Her owner left the apartment in a blur and as her wheels hit the pavement she realized why--she had left her glasses in the apartment. The action plan? Go inside and get them. The blouse and her owner rounded the back, grabbed the glasses, and rode off to work. Or so her owner thought...
when the owner--we'll call her me--when i got to the coffee shop, the shirt was not there. how curious. anyway, i had to wear the shirt of a man 3 times my size, since tank tops are against dress code. it was quite the sight i am sure. I worked in that oversize shirt all day and when I arrived at home, I looked everywhere. Unfortunately, ms. blousey could not be found. So, i did what any logical person would do and i put away my clean clothes. Still no sign of my beloved. all i could do was think of her and how scared she must be. all this distraction may have been a good thing, because the night before was a little bumpy and full of missing my lover. this blouse search kept my mind busy and got me through the night. when i awoke the next morning, she was the 1st thing i thought of. i knew i was in the rear of the apartment and came up the rear stairwell. it was just then that it occurred to me to trace my steps.
i walked out of my apartment toward the door to the stairwell. I opened the door and made my way to the exit. As a side note, it is a good thing i look at my feet when i walk. Otherwise, I may not have been reunited with my sweetheart. She was in a ball on top of the stairs.
big sigh of relief.
she is resting now. she had quite an eventful day yesterday.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

the blog and the beautiful

Some of you know this person as Harpo, but as he is no longer harping he will from here on out be referred to as McDreamy. This is incidental to the good news at hand. and the good new is this--McDreamy is finally blogging!!!!
I can't tell you how excited I am or how excited I think you should be, but you don't have to take my word for it. Check it out for yourself, while picturing him in the pose above. Now you, too, can see all the ways in which he is witty and charming and all the other things that make me crazy about him!!

be well, do good work, and keep in touch

p.s. just an addendum: if you look at the video below you will see that McDreamy and ted are dressed quite similarly. and why are these two my heartthrobs??
p.p.s. McDreamy if far more handsome than ted though and i am a lucky girl.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Ted Leo - Since U Been Gone / Maps

greatest song ever!

phoenix fall out

friday night (8/31/07) was my last night in AZ, which always fills me with mixed emotions. For there are things I do appreciate about the valley. I appreciate seeing people of color and hearing spanish spoken without having to drive or take a bus to the south end of town. i appreciate that even the sub par mexican food is still pretty damn good. AZ has a couple vegetarian restaurants that seattle could never hold a candle to. Then there are my friends and family. However, there is also the blinding heat and the blatant bigots, a-holes, insert derogatory term here. On the other hand, I have my food, friends, and timid bigots in seattle. so much push and pull going on. this is even further exacerbated by the turmoil of my living situation, granted this is on the up and up, and the fact that my lover is far away. Regardless, I am homeward bound and absolutely needed to spend time with the folks I care about most before I go home.
During the day, I went bowling with my auntie and my mommy. we were terrible! which i think makes it more fun. i can't imagine being competitive at that recreation. The highlight of the afternoon was during one of my aunt's frames. her foot must have crossed the line or something, either way she lost her balance while on one foot. So, she hopped trying to regain her balance and landed in the left gutter. Then, she hopped again, still on one leg. I'm not sure if she landed on one leg or two, but she landed in the lane to the left of us and totally wiped out. I laughed so hard and am currently having a hard time typing this tale without wetting myself. She was mortified. She puts so much work into looking well kept and pulled together at all times, which is what i think made this even more hilarious. She rather reminds my of Hyacinth Bouquet on Keeping Up Appearances. (if you have never watched this show, you should.)
That night the photo lezbo, hippie hair, and i were supposed to go sing karaoke at some skeezey bar on the west side of town. When we arrived, we decided it was too skeezey even for us! so we went to the divey, faux Irish bar around the corner instead: o'brien's. this place wasn't anything special. what made the night was the drunk friend that was brought along. at one point i was trying to figure out photo lezbo's iphone and drunky magoo says, he goes: "turn the camera on, because i'm ready to make love to your face." it was a little more than i could keep to myself.
needless to say, the day was spent laughing my ass off.
in short, it was a fun trip, but i am so happy to be home.