Thursday, September 27, 2007

is the pessary half full or half empty?

i have a decision to make here. i have been on birth control since 1998. The reason was because i had flow issues. once a month i felt like the nile river at it's peak abundance and had killer cramps to boot. The option posed to me was the pill. I have been on various forms of hormonal contraception ever since. I switched pills a couple times. there was a brief stint where i had to space my periods, because i felt like a crazy person during menarche. then, moved onto the patch. i moved off after the big scare. i can be a chicken when my life depends on it. currently, i use the NuvaRing. I like it a lot. it is quite convenient to only have to think about birth control once a month. i was quite remiss about taking the pill. anyway, i've been starting to feel biologically cheated by my no-baby insurance. as a "non-cycling" woman, i don't get to experience the full range of monthly emotions. most of my life, post puberty, i have actively avoided mood swings and cramps. but what if i am a crazy woman? shouldn't i get to experience that without needing to be fixed? and cramps can be dealt with without ceasing the cycle. it is for this reason that i am considering IUD, but not just any IUD--paraguard! this is a non-hormonal, copper IUD. it is over 99% percent effective at preventing pregnancy, but would allow me to cycle regularly--maybe heavily and painfully. there are minor risks of uterine perforation, pelvic imflammatory disorder, and ectopic pregnancy. however, these risks are very low.
anyway, i wanted to see if my peeps had an opinion or knew someone whom had tried IUD.
i'm listening...