Wednesday, September 12, 2007

the solitude of the traveling blouse

This little blouse had quite the day yesterday. She awoke to being stuffed into a bag. Then ripped out and put back in repeatedly, as her careless owner searched for countless items necessary for the daily function of life. Her owner left the apartment in a blur and as her wheels hit the pavement she realized why--she had left her glasses in the apartment. The action plan? Go inside and get them. The blouse and her owner rounded the back, grabbed the glasses, and rode off to work. Or so her owner thought...
when the owner--we'll call her me--when i got to the coffee shop, the shirt was not there. how curious. anyway, i had to wear the shirt of a man 3 times my size, since tank tops are against dress code. it was quite the sight i am sure. I worked in that oversize shirt all day and when I arrived at home, I looked everywhere. Unfortunately, ms. blousey could not be found. So, i did what any logical person would do and i put away my clean clothes. Still no sign of my beloved. all i could do was think of her and how scared she must be. all this distraction may have been a good thing, because the night before was a little bumpy and full of missing my lover. this blouse search kept my mind busy and got me through the night. when i awoke the next morning, she was the 1st thing i thought of. i knew i was in the rear of the apartment and came up the rear stairwell. it was just then that it occurred to me to trace my steps.
i walked out of my apartment toward the door to the stairwell. I opened the door and made my way to the exit. As a side note, it is a good thing i look at my feet when i walk. Otherwise, I may not have been reunited with my sweetheart. She was in a ball on top of the stairs.
big sigh of relief.
she is resting now. she had quite an eventful day yesterday.