Sunday, September 16, 2007

how drunk is too drunk?

this question would have been answered if you had seen me last night...
I was at SuKat's for girl's night in. which translated to drinking wine, eating cheese and gossiping about everything under the sun. i don't think i could count for you how many glasses of wine i had, but i had a couple too many. maybe my friends can recount this. after already being drunk i decided it was a good idea to go to the twilight exit for one more. on my way to the car i stepped in a hole in the grass and fell on my face. the made a big ouchie on my right shin. somewhere between girl's night in and the bar, i poked my eyelid. this also created a nice ouchie as well. at the bar i harrassed people and was just generally inappropriate for public consumption. i really hope i see myself in The Stranger's--Drunk of the Week, because i was in rare form and it was truly righteous!
when i got home, i brushed my teeth because my mouth tasted like fermented grape assholes. while brushing, i managed to gag myself and throw up in the sick. if you ever wondered, this WILL cause a clog. I also broke my soap dish and my ceramic virgin mary vase. i was able to glue mary back together. however, i think she is no longer full of grace as much as she is full of cracks. and the soap dish died on the table. which is a shame, because i really liked my soap dish. the topper is that my phone is currently located in a friend's Volkswagen Gulf.
so if you take nothing else away from my blog, take away this: one valuable lesson to learn, and better if it's not the hard way, don't let your drinking get away from you while you are in the middle of terribly missing your lover. it can only lead to hangovers and shame.