Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Vote or Die!!

Maybe a little extreme, but it is time once again to exercise one of our most important civil duties--to come together as an electorate and vote. Please notice I did not say this was a right or a privilege. Yes, I indeed meant duty. If every person that could vote actually did, we would have a very different looking nation.
For those of you who say: "why vote? It makes no difference?" That is because most of the other people who do not vote share your political views. During the 2004 election, it was projected that 50% of all eligible voters were registered to do so. Of that 50% registered, only about 50% of those folks voted (information I obtained through Washington Citizen's Action). So, tell me why again voting results are so skewed?
Get out and do your job as a citizen. If you don't like your options--write in a candidate. VOTE FOR ME!! Don't just sit around with your hand(s) down your pants! TAKE AN ACTIVE ROLE IN THE DECISION MAKING IN YOUR COUNTRY!! Until you do, we can look forward to many more undesirables running the crucial interactions of our daily lives.
I don't think you want that, do you?