Sunday, November 05, 2006

did gloria steinem lie?

blinded me with science grew a pair and officially broke up with me on friday.
i am not terribly broken up about it. ultimately, it wasn't going to work out. i am a feminist and he is intimidated by a strong woman.
i think i knew better than to mix with someone younger than me.
i also think i have too much faith in people. i digress.
friday night i drank my weight in free booze. working the merch table at a packed show apparently has it's perks. crazy people infiltrated our sensitive, sweater vest fest and made musicians with valuable hands get violent. the booze made me think that i was physically capable of contributing to a fight situation. i learned the error of my ways and ran inside and hid.
that night i stayed up drinking until 6am and stayed at el casa de el jeffe.
Saturday night after knitting, i went to the bus stop and drank more and stayed at el casa de el jeffe.
this afternoon, i raced home, quickly changed, and raced downtown to see Borat with el jeffe and dj gay ipod.
i didn't really want to come home. but i did and ended up sleeping the day away.
i try not to be too telling usually, but sunday is the day that i look forward to staying at home, seeing no one, and being super productive. it is not my day to avoid being at home, do absolutely nothing and wish that the phone would ring for god's sake!
so, while i am not upset about not being with blinded me with science, i am apparently upset about the situation.
this has been my stand since the cursed movie garden state came out--natalie portman's character doesn't get the zack braff character. she scares the hell out of him. she sends him shreiking to therapy and away from commitment. she alienates those around her and invites personal criticism by those she most admires. she does not fit with the cool crowd and she freaks out the sensitives.
she drinks too much, lies, and experiences frequent emotional collapse. she is not charming, pined after, or anyone's muse.
i wonder if the feminists told her about this when they sold her the package.