Monday, November 06, 2006

midterm midtacular

today was my last midterm. it was for women200 intro to women's studies. I must admit that I did not study a lick for it, save flipping through my reader to make sure the names would register with the articles come test time. And to that, i devoted all but five minutes of my time, while walking in the rain to class.
test is over and it was a cinch. i do not think i have ever taken an easier test. Nice thing about that is I know that what I am doing in this class is sufficient.
My last midterm, women310 women and law, i studied very hard. however, it was revealed that i need to pay closer attention to certain facts pertaining to cases. but no amount of extra studying would account for this since I would have repeatedly neglected to go over the occupations of the litigating women we discussed.
anyway, that's that for now. The only thing I have to worry about are 3 research papers with piggy backing due dates.
and the yikes begin all over again!