Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Caller information withheld. ...

Anyone who is formally acquainted with me knows that I do not answer the phone unless I recognize the number calling. This rule especially applies to calls that read as caller unknown or withheld. Last night I got a call from a withheld party. The loud and nagging voice in my head said: "DON'T ANSWER!!!" The complication of this scenario is that last night I had a dream that my brother was involved in a "knife fight." So the insane voice in my head really believed it could be my mother calling to tell me that my brother was rolling dice in an alley and, after being accused of cheating, it erupted into a full-blown, west side story knife fight. Afterall, my mother does have an unlisted number. I know how ridiculous this all sounds, but in the few seconds that it took for me to answer the call this is the conversation that played in my head. Anyway, the insane voice won this internal argument and I answered the phone.
There was a male on the other line who said "hey sexy." i didn't recognize the voice either, so i got paranoid and immediately asked who it was. In disbelief this person asked if I actually had multiple people that referred to me as "sexy." Naturally my reply was "of course. now tell me who this is." he said it was more fun this way. my response was that it was more fun for me if i know "with whom i am speaking." He then proceeded to say unnecessarily obscene things

Needles to say, I don't participate in such conversations. So, I just hung up.
I don't mean to make myself into a victim without reason. However, it is instances like that, though brief, that are quite violating and have the potential to be disempowering.
Moral is, I will never answer a call again if i don't see a name pop up in my caller ID. So, if I don't answer your call it is because I don't have your number in my phone. so, leave a message and i'll call you back and add your number. This way I will answer your phone calls in the future.
thank you for your co-operation