Wednesday, March 21, 2007

they say it's MY birthday!

Today, on my birthday, I've decided to impart some wisdom upon all of you. Here are the things I have learned after 26 years of doing the livin' thang:
1. paying the bills, and doing it well, is not worth your sanity/happiness.
2. cats don't like to be spooned (i need a dog).
3. given the right opportunity, even the kitty who loves you most will claw your face off.
4. orange hair suits my fancy.
5. i have learned to embrace my neurosis. facing my fears just makes them worse.
6. i guess boys can be ok. you just need to find the genuine ones.
7. you don't actually have to tear the hole out of those paper toilet seat protectors!!
(yes, i just admitting to sitting my butt on the seat.)
8. i'm a very industrious student.
9. i love my yarn store job and my yarn store boss lady (even when i am not particularly fond of either). HILLTOP YARN ROCKS!!!
10. i love my friends and i love my life (even when i am not particularly fond of either). MORRISSEY ROCKS!!!
hope you all have a great day in my honour!!