Sunday, March 11, 2007

I've Got to Move, Wa-Oh-Oh

Usually this statement refers to me and the dance floor. This time it refers to me and my apartment.

I have been living in the basement of a house for nearly 1 year. My apartment is quite nice and I do love it. However, it has no bath tub. So, for an entire year I have been unable to have Calgone take me away. It's really been rough. Also, my landlord lives directly above me (with her husband). They are old. Not to be an ageist, but everything in their living space is soooo loud! I can hear their answering machine every time it goes off (not to mention I hear the phone ringing). and it's not like I hear a faint ringing and then the hint of answering machine. No, I hear it like I am sitting right next to it. They also listen to the television full tilt. When they watch TV, I have to turn mine up, so I can hear it over theirs. I always hear them moving about and they are up so late. They have no respect for my privacy. I feel like they are about to barge into my apartment or knock on my window at any minute. It really is quite nerve racking. As well, part of my rent is to do yard work every month. This becomes quite taxing when I have school assignments AND blogging to do. I mean my gawd!
All this has led me to find a roommate and get the hell out of dodge. Because I really can't take it anymore.
What this leads me to is that I am in serious need of boxes. If you have and and/or free time, send it over my way. please.
also, after I move, come see my new home and my new apt.
yay. kiss kiss and all that jazz