Wednesday, March 07, 2007


So, some of you may know my little baby heads: Julia (AKA Bad Joo Joos) and Fernando (AKA FerNannyNanny, FerNambiePampie, and JeebusFernandoYouHaveADingleBerry).
These two:

The other day I was loving on my bebs and realized that they totally smelled like cats and that derned Julia has Wolverine claws!
I decided to take matters in my own hands today. I trimmed both cat's claws and bathed the little buggers. Look at how cute they are when they are all wet and shivery!

Here's Joo Joos
She looks angry, doesn't she?

and Fernanny
isn't he cute when he's all small?

Sometime after their bathing encounter, they were still pretty wet and pretty shivery. I started brushing Fernanny. It actually seemed to help him dry a bit and stop shaking. After realizing this success, I decided to do the same for my Joo Joo Snuggle Monkey. So, I had her on my lap and was brushing her. It seemed to be helping her look a little less wet. However, there was something different this time. She felt really wet on her underside...and warm? Oh dear gawd, she's peeing on me!!!
I pushed her off my now saturated leg and she b-lined it to the litter shack.
I tore my pants off in a flash. (listen up fellas. apparently this is the sure fire way to get my pants off.)
I have been traumatized. Up until this point, I have prided myself on never having been peed on. I can't even imagine what parents feel like. I only know if it's anything like this experience, I could never do it!
yucky yuck. now I must go do laundry--they were my favorite pants!! Now they will forever live on as my piss pants and Julia as my piss bag.
Thank you and goodnight.