Sunday, April 08, 2007

easter sunday funday

Hay-Zues died for our sins and rose again. which is why we hide the eggs? ...

no eggs for me. i did not even eat any for breakfast. today was just another sunday which is my only day off per week. so i usually spend it scrambling to get as much done as humanly possible.
the easiest part of my day was picking up a bookshelf that i found on craigslist. it was smaller than i thought, but $10 cheaper than buying it new at ikea. which brings me to the second errand on the list. get a bed frame--for god's sake shannon you're a grownup and grown ups don't sleep on mattresses in the middle of the floor. This part of my day was especially stressful because the all bed frames i wanted were "out of stock." when i got to the self serve area, i realized that all the beds listed in stock were actually out of stock. but as luck would have it, the one i really wanted actually WAS in stock. i was a little peeved that i wasted all of 5 minutes talking myself in the lesser of the two frames only to find the one i originally wanted. anyway, i don't know how i got that thing in the car, out of the car, and into the apartment all by myself. i can only say it was a miracle. assembling the bed, however, was no miracle. about half of the hardware that came for frame assembly would not fit in its designated hole [if you saw a pun there you are banished from this blog]. Also, I did not possess my typical building finesse. anyway, after 3 hours of losing a fair amount of blood, patience, and some taking of the lord's name in vain i have an assembled bed. i must admit i am a bit concerned about the amount of hardware i have left over. let's hope i make it through the night in one piece.
i think i am being punished for not smashing hard boiled huevos over my brothers head this year.
all-in-all i am happy. i now have a bedroom set of mathcing furniture (night stands, book shelf, and bed). i think at the end of this day i can safely say i am a grown up. if not for attempting to get my act together then at least for the amount of adult content that spewed from my lips.
anyway, i must go pick up my roommate, sasha, from work. she was nice enough to let me use her ride all day.