Monday, April 16, 2007

spring chick chat

today i am really hoping these may flowers will be worth all the april showers. i'm growing tired of being damp and looking forward to popsicle season.

I think for may, to celebrate all the lovely flowers, i'm going to host an inconvenient movie night with a twist of naked lady. i have not yet seen an inconvenient truth and would love company. this way afterward we can engage in meaningful dialogue while rifling through each other's unwanted clothing. because what is more sustainable than recycling fashion? i may even set up my sewing machine for impromptu mending/altering. and if there are any clothes that don't have a good home lined up by the end of the evening, i live across the street from a church with a donation center, or we can take the stuff to Treehouse. it should be a lot of fun and enriching to some extent, right??

this reminds me of the one naked lady party i've attended in my life. well, no one got naked and it was pre-puberty. so, i wasn't really a lady yet (i'm still waiting patiently for that level of maturation to take). Anyway, this girl we called smithers and i went to her neighbor's house. she was getting rid of her older cool girl clothes. smithers and i took turns picking out what we would take and after all of smithers' selections i threw a fit, shouting: "NO FAIR!!! i wanted that!" and when she eventually conceded, because she really had no other choice, i didn't want the garment anymore. i only wanted the things she wanted and if she didn't want them anymore, i didn't want them either. after not too long, my mother was requested to come take me home, because i had begun the destruction that only a self-centered, fickle youngster can engage in. ah to be a kid again. ...

anyway, i promise i will try to make this more successful than that particular event. and i'm sure all of you are happy that you were not friends with me during this period of my life.

i'll keep you apprised of details as they unfold.