Tuesday, April 17, 2007

ted leo rx

tonight my roommate and i went to the showbox to see ted leo and the pharmacists. most people who know me for any length of time know that ted leo is destined to become my future ex-husband. it's a dream i've had since 1997 and is still alive and kicking to some extent.
anyway, the show was big fun eventhough it was at the showbox. i generally don't like going to shows at this particular venue, but i'd stand in a urinal to swoon over my dream boat.

this is the hair farmer who only had eyes for me. ...

it was a little odd. i engaged in some serious eye contact for the entirty of the pharmacists' set. at 1st i felt uncomfortable. like does he know that i know he's looking right at me. then i thought i was imagining it. until i would do something silly and get a visual response from him. i finally decided to work it in hopes of meeting these pop icons. i failed, but had fun doing it. it was an all ages show, so i felt like a bit of an old maid. but i danced and went crazy as is typical of this manic hispanic to do.
and now it's off to bed as i my dancing shoes are ready to be tucked in.
goodnight moon.