Thursday, August 09, 2007

slow and steady vs. fast and furious

Well, I did it. I went through the postpartum doula training at the Seattle Midwifery School. Typically, the program is broken up over two weekends. However, I currently work in retail and it is difficult to get two weekends in a row off. So, when I saw that they offered a 4-day block in August, I jumped for it.
In hindsight, there is probably a reason they typically break it up. Ahhh, hindsight. Anyway, they were 4 information-packed days. By the end of it, I was pooped!
Now, I am well on my way to doula certification. If anyone knows someone that wants a doula and would like to help me achieve this, they can have me free for one week! And if they need me longer than a week, my rates will be relatively low until I have acquired my certification.
keep your ears to the ground, soldiers.

be well, do good work, and keep in touch.