Thursday, July 26, 2007

Seattle Likes Bikes

Seattle Likes Bikes

We Ride: Stone Way/Fremont
Wednesday August 1
Meetup:4:30 (Gasworks)

WHAT: A ride of enough cyclists to clog up lower Fremont at rush hour. This will be a legal ride, which means we ride two by two and obey all traffic laws.

WHY: The city has caved to pressure from businesses and developers and has decided to go against the recommendations of the bike master plan and leave a six-block gap between 34th & 40th on Stone Way N, as well as continue the closure of a section of the Burke-Gilman in Fremont thru 2008.

WHO: All cyclists who are concerned about fundamental community-planning towards a better future and private interests trumping public safety.

WHEN: We'll meet up briefly at Gasworks Park at 4:30. Then we'll start riding around the following loop, counter-clockwise, following all traffic laws. If you can't make it until later just join in on the loop!