Thursday, July 12, 2007

the greatest american passtime


i think being an asthmatic teenager and young adult made me forget how great this game is. mostly because there is no fun when one can't run. however, i was re-introduced to the sensation, purely as a spectator, on sunday.
it was a nice, beautiful day and not filled with hellfire and brimstone temperatures, like today. that morning I had taken an african dance class with my friend the truck driving magic mama and i was sore. however, spending the day inside like a slug was NOT and option. it was just too nice out.
so, harpo and i saddled up and went on a mini bike ride. it was mini, because it felt like my hips were going to pop out of their sockets.
anyway, we went to the other coast. i got a vegan Reuben sandwich and my beau got a roast beef. we took our lunch to the ballard community center to eat. the sandwiches were delicious, as usual. after we finished grubbing, a group took a corner of the field and began warming up. harps and i were thrilled to see kickballs in the mix.
we stayed awhile longer and watched the game. (well i mostly knit and harpo told me when to look up.) either way, it was a blast to watch. it made me remember when a certain musical genius was trying to recruit kickballers. it was when i 1st moved here and did not have a handle on my asthma. though, now i do.

kickball anyone?