Thursday, July 19, 2007

hulk smash!

the last month or so have been stressful. i've had to adjust to being more poor than i have ever been before. which is a difficult transition, though it is not impossible (especially when one doesn't have much of a choice.) anyway, the ripples were beginning to settle and i was beginning to feel less anxiety stricken. of course history should have taught me to predict that this is the time when opportunity strikes for the trouble ship sailing on the sea of change.
and if i had made that prediction, i would not have been surprised when sluggo, my roommate, told me she was leaving.
there are many benefits like: NOT living with 3 cats, enjoying my living space more, and not having to do her dishes.
the non-benefits may trump the benefits though like: having to find a roommate STAT or have to break a lease and move again with bad credit and no extra money, what if i move in with another flake that won't do her own dishes, etc. ...
anyway, i'm totally wiggin' like i do when big things happen that are virtually out of my control.
if you know anyone that wants to live with a tidy roommate and 2 wonderful snugglekin kitties, please send them to me!!!