Thursday, August 30, 2007

stucco on you

Being in this desert wasteland is beginning to take it's toll. While visiting my home state, they have broken a record for number of consecutive days over 110 degrees. Previously, the record was 10. Then another milestone was broken: number of 110 plus temperatures in a year. The prior record was 28. With any luck, today will be 30. I'm all for setting goals and going beyond, however I think these are records worth leaving be.
Another thing that has begun to get my goat are all the "adobe style" edifices. Why, pray tell, does everything need to be terracotta? The air is drab, the natural landscape an unremarkable shade of taupe. Why on earth would anyone like the buildings to exhibit the some monochromatic lack of enthusiasm? If I were an architect in this desolate chasm, I would want everything that can take a coat of paint to be slathered in green--give the illusion that their is life in this barren dirt pit!
so when i get home, i am launching a full-scale attack on stucco: the worst exterior accent ever conceived of. Please sign my petition to let me know I can count on your support.