Tuesday, August 14, 2007

stop the insanity!!!

have you ever had an epiphany? a moment where the whole world stops to slap you in the face and shout: "DUH!"?

i had one such moment just the other day. Some of you may figure it out before the tale is done, but should stick around for the adventure.
just a little background, i work at Hilltop Yarn on Queen Anne hill in Seattle, WA. Some might ask whether this is a great yarn shop or the greatest yarn shop.
Anyway, there is a woman that I have helped a handful of times while at the shop. This woman is very intense--one of the most intense women I have ever met in my life. You can tell that she is used to commanding the attention of many. She is also in amazing shape. you can tell that she is probably older than she appears, but looks much better than you do all the same. I have never given her much thought other than the brief analysis described above which runs through my mind every time I help her. occasionally she pays with her credit card. On one such occasion, i looked at it and thought to myself: "that's funny. she has the same name as fitness guru, Susan Powter."

For a brief moment i thought to myself that it seemed like that should be a pretty unique name. however, i managed to quickly write it off as irony and never thought of it again. Never thought if it until the other day when i was talking with my co-worker, ms kitten. she mentioned that she had just helped fitness guru, Susan Powter, she was in the shop looking for the most fabulous shrug pattern right now. Then I remembered that the exercise diva lives in the area. i thought to myself that she must be a pretty intense person. And that's when a light switched on in my head and said: !!!!
It was probably a good thing that I never knew who she was before, because I get painfully star struck. I would hate for her to have to get a restraining order against me and then subsequently stop shopping at the greatest yarn store.
however, i also know that she is a genius of fit and i am the genius of sit. i've heard that she teaches a class called trailer park yoga where women are drastically dropping dress sizes. i need her "stop the insanity" determination and control.
i can only hope that she never comes into the shop while i'm working again. this way i will never have to actually face this dilemma head on.
save me jeebus!