Tuesday, February 27, 2007

lackadaisical LSAT liasons

this past sunday i decided to bite the bullet and take an LSAT practice test. i don't know if anyone has participated in practice testing in preparation for a big exam, but let me tell you--make like nike and "just do it." these things are like time shares for students. you go in with a bunch of like minded people on the quest for handouts. the company hosting you gives you all sorts of free stuff. in the case of testing: you gain familiarity with the test structure, you find out the endurance required to take a long test, and you get to gauge at what level you are and what level you need to be. In return, the hosting company is banking on the fact that a percentage of all people that come through its doors will hand them a fist full of cash to take their preparation course. everyone walks away with something--i walked away with a backpack full of granola bars.
ultimately, i also walked away with some profound life lessons:
1) NEVER drink a tall coffee and down an orange juice right before sitting down to take an epic, timed-test. either that, or invest in a stadium buddy. however, you may want to take a page from david sedaris and employ this device while taking a practice test. you'll never know whether you can micturate while filling in test a bubble unless you do.
2) my score was just a handful of points below the average cornell law student score. The breakdown of the score stated that I am logically above average compared to most lay persons, but slightly below average when compared to competitive law students. ultimately what this means is that unless you're a competitive law student, i'm winning every fight.
3) i don't need to take a prep course. which is great, because i would have needed to sell an kidney in order to afford that $1300.00 price tage. way to dodge a bullet, shanny!
all in all, it was a worth while experience and i am confident that i will do well on the june 11th lsat test. if not, i will clean out my savings account to buy a pair of fire proof underwear and finally realize my dream of fighting dragons.