Thursday, February 15, 2007

S.A.D. recap

Sadly, I did not have time to learn a new alphabet. I did not take into consideration the fact that I had school and work when I formulated this aspiration. However, I did sport the colors. SEE?! (Just so you know, I knit my top.)

Two of my favorite friends in class also sported the colors with pride. One of them even made me Single Awareness Day flowers.
Work was a total snore and I spent a good portion of it Blogging for Hilltop Yarn. For lunch I ate at the Macrina Bakery for the first time. It was way yummy. If you've never been I suggest you go. The food is amazing and they make a mean cup of Joe.
After I got off work, I walked home and then to heart of the Ballard neighborhood. By that point, I was quite famished. Good thing I was having dinner cooked for me by the lover I've recently added to my collection. Harpo made portobello mushroom caps, salad, green beans, AND mashed potatoes. As well, there was cheesecake. It was all so delicious. He really out did himself and proved his good listening skills. He made all my favorite foods! If after a week of dating, he knows a decent portion of the things that make me very happy, I'd say he's paying attention to me and is worth keeping around for at least a little bit.
Anyway, I didn't get the homework or packing done that I had hoped to. I allow boys to distract me a little more than I should. Though, I would say in retrospect it was worth it. I had quite a lovely Single Awareness Day.
I hope you did, too. Now we can all get on with out lives and tune in to our regularly scheduled Black History Month