Tuesday, June 12, 2007

school's out for summer...

Last wednesday was my first and only final of the quarter and my last final of the 2006-2007 school year. It was for the most difficult class I have taken during my college career--PsychoBiology of Women with Professor Nancy J Kenney. She has an extremely unorthodox teaching style that makes the important information she teaches come across as interesting. She also demands that you put in a lot of study hours for her tests, because they are HARD! I thoought I had done so for the first 2 tests and all I got was a big, fat B on both! So I studied my ass off for the final. I dilligently went through practice tests circiling the correct answers and writing down why the other options were incorrect. It was intense. However, when the day of the test came I was not surprised by any of the questions--I owned the material. On this test my grade was quite different. I got an:
Hip Hop Hooray!! This boost in my test score, combined with my service learning work, got me a 4.0 in the class. And incidentally, I earned a 4.0 for the entire quarter. This brings my cumulative GPA up to a 3.9, a very respectable GPA to be applying to law school with.
So now I go enter into the Summer of Shanny with no worries or regrets and will actually be able to