Tuesday, May 08, 2007

if i hit the switch, i can make the ass drop

so, i have a different rubric than ice cube for determining whether a day is a good day or not. he and i have very different life styles. for instance, i never have to use my A.K. so, if i went by mr. cube's logic, every day would be a good day. and while that sounds good on paper, life would be pretty boring without bad days. right?
anyway. when i woke up this morning, i knew i was going to have a good day. shortly after rubbing the sleep from my peepers, i found i'd been sleeping with a man and i had no idea where he came from! most people would rush to a clinic to get tested for STDs. lucky for me the man i found in my bed was dead. this might not be a reassuring idea for everyone either, but it is when the dead guy you find in your bed is mr. jackson.

i also realized today that i did not get charged for the bus pass that was stolen from me a couple weeks ago.
and to top it all off it was nice and sunny today.
i guess if i'd had to use my A.K. at any point during these events, today might not have been so good.
so i guess ice cube isn't completely irrelevant in my life. ...