Thursday, September 14, 2006

The September of Shannon

I quit my job at an investment firm that will remain nameless. I was employed working m-f 8-4:30pm. I abhorred every minute of it. I was so relieved when I finally quit. I felt my soul return to my body on my 1st day off. It was a beautiful feeling.
I am currently working more hours at Hilltop Yarn and loving every second of it. I'm getting more knitting done, pictures to come later, and watching a lot of daytime television. In the last few days, young and the restless, or as my mom has dubbed it Y&R, has been quite exciting! Victor is in the psychiatric ward, he nearly shot Nikki. Drusilla broke in and cut up the clothes of Carmen, the suspected mistress of husband Neil. Jack Abbott is primping to buy Jabot Cosmetics. Gloria is scheming to set up Jill with Ashley's beau. Oh it's great!!! In fact, a new episode will be on in t-minus 5 minutes.
Ciao, ciao!